Henry and Adam on the train.

The 24th of July was on a Sunday this year so the parade and most of the celebrations (fireworks, etc.) were on Monday the 25th.  The perfect thing to do for a Pioneer Day celebration is to visit Heritage Park at the mouth of Emigration Canyon, Salt Lake City, Ut.  A small train moves you around the park from site to site much to the enjoyment of all kids!

Fun at Heritage Park, Bec and Jen on the train.

The best 24th of July with family!!

Scott Esplin, his fiance Becca and Shelley Esplin




but the float doctor came to the rescue.

The Jewish float had trouble and smoke started billowing….

I think this will be one of my favorite 24th of July, with family watching a parade in memory of the pioneers!!  Here we are sitting on the asphalt watching the parade.  Henry is in my lap, Jen next to me and Becca in her dad’s lap (Adam).  It was a beautiful day.

Henry, Me, Jen, Becca and Adam, parade watching!

Henry, Adam and Becca watching parade. Shelley Esplin is in the background.

Parade! Floats! Horses! Bands! 24th of July!!!



And one more float....






Another beautiful float in the parade.

Rider on two horses.

Another beautiful float in the parade.

There were many beautiful floats in the parade.  Most were made by one of the Utah Stakes.  I was amazed at the complexity of the floats and began to wonder if “float builder” was a church calling in the SLC Stakes????

One of the many beautiful floats in the 24th parade.